DigsPlus℠ Is all about simplifying your life by allowing you to search for most of the things you need, in one place. Looking for a home, apartment, vehicle, boat, restaurant, entertainment or most types of businesses and services, DigsPlus℠’ aim is to be your one-stop shop for all your needs. You can also buy, sell or even give away stuff.


While the use of smartphones has been growing rapidly around the world, there are many countries where the introduction of smartphone apps tend to follow at a much slower pace. DigsPlus℠ intends to bring this technology to these traditionally underserved markets including the Caribbean, Latin America, the Middle East and other countries in a more timely manner.


DigsPlus℠is an innovator in this fast growing field. The website and app allow people to connect to things they need in their everyday life.They also allow businesses and people to promote their products and services by making them available on smartphones.


A unique feature of the app is integration of GPS navigation. DigsPlus℠ simplifies your life by showing your search on the map and providing directions to your search item or place all from within the app.  DigsPlus℠ is all about making it easier on you. Can you dig it?